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Students getting ready for ACT

Quick multiple choice question: High school students are allowed to take the American College Test … A) one time B) two times C) four times D) 12 times If you filled in bubble D, you’re right, though only a few of the 1.8 million students who take the ACT each year actually push that limit. […]


High School Testing: 10 tips to prepare for ACTs, SATs

Lots of high schoolers are focused on SAT and ACT prep right now. Many will take the tests as they prepare to complete college applications in the fall. I checked in with Melissa Rich of Raleigh Tutoring, which offers a host of programs for kids, including test prep. All of the programs are led by […]


State may pay for ACT testing in high schools

After school one day last week, 22 Nixa High School students spent a couple of hours honing their math skills for the ACT. It’s just one of the afternoons they’re giving up this year to learn test-taking strategies, take practice exams and brush up on key subjects — math, science, language arts and reading — […]


Top Tips for Acing ACT Reading Passages

Since most students are not particularly enthralled by reading arcane material or processing vague concepts, it is no surprise that the ACT Reading section can seem a bit daunting. But here is the simple, reassuring truth: it’s not. It is, instead, one of the most straightforward sections you will encounter among the many standardized tests […]


Superintendent supports replacing high school exit exams with ACT

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) – The Mississippi House will consider a bill that may do away with the current high school exit exams. Governor Phil Bryant supports the measure. It would set up a $1.5 million pilot program to have high school juniors take the ACT instead of the subject area tests. One South Mississippi school […]


Interest vs. Intent: The New STEM Gap?

A report points to a gap between the students’ expressed interest in STEM and their intentions to pursue STEM careers A new report has identified another issue in the nation’s STEM crisis – and, possibly, a way to steer more students into science, technology, engineering and math jobs. The report, released Wednesday by ACT, the college […]


Know When to Cancel Your SAT, ACT Scores

Taking the SAT or ACT can be a stressful experience. You study for several months, but you have little control over what will happen on test day. You may get sick, your car might break down or your mind could go blank. Moreover, once you finish the test and go home, the stress still might […]


Prepare for the ACT by taking it

Since elementary school, I have taken standardized tests that were used to determine placement and test proficiency on various subjects. Just last year, I took the CRT — or Criterion-Referenced Test — in several classes. However, taking the ACT was a completely new and eye-opening experience that I had not fully anticipated. As my junior […]


ACT one piece of the puzzle in determining academic future

Three dates still available for 2013-2014 testing year The ACT, which originally stood for American College Testing, is a test that every high school junior and senior knows all too well; however, often questioned is whether the ACT’s effectiveness in measuring knowledge and aptitude is equal to the numerous effects it has in a young […]