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When Is the Best Time to Take the ACT/SAT?

The answer is: It depends. It depends on where you are in the high school math sequence, the strength of your overall curriculum, whether you’re ok with standardized tests or if they spook you. “Early” test taking is still December of junior year. The ACT is an achievement test. It is content based, on knowledge […]


Simulate Real SAT Test Conditions

If you’re preparing for the SAT, there is no doubt that you will want to take a few full-length practice tests under real, timed conditions. This test is a marathon. When you’re training for one, don’t you want to do a least a few trial runs of the entire 26.2 miles? However, many students make […]


Study finds high SAT and ACT scores might not spell success at college

JUDY WOODRUFF: It’s one of those times of the year when high school juniors aiming for college are getting ready to take the SAT or the ACT, but a large new study is challenging the value of these well-known standardized tests. Researchers looked at 33 public and private colleges and universities where it’s optional for […]


SAT Geometry: Crouching Trapezoid, Hidden Triangle

Euclidean and coordinate geometry are both subjects you’ll want to be familiar with on the SAT in order to score well. A dozen or so questions always relate to geometry concepts. While trigonometry is not an official topic for the SAT, you do need to know how and when to apply the Pythagorean Theorem for […]


College Prep: Is ‘Gamifying’ SAT Studying A New Trend?

When you’re about ready to pull your hair out after hours of studying for SATs and writing essays — you know, that point where you’re not sure whether to laugh or cry — how do you push yourself to keep going? The newest trend in high-tech learning says that you can pass the hours faster […]


Give Thanks for Online SAT Test Prep Resources

From free practice exams to vocabulary flash cards, the Internet is a robust SAT study resource. Planning SAT preparation can be a test all by itself. Listening to advice from fellow test-takers, teachers and the vast world of online resources might overwhelm you as you devise a study plan that best suits you. Start by […]


Test Prep Trends to Watch in 2014

Expect to see both an uptick in online test prep resources and changes to popular exams in 2014.   The world of college test preparation is constantly changing, and 2014 will be no different. The growth of online learning has begun to level the playing field by offering test prep tools to students whose circumstances […]


Know When to Cancel Your SAT, ACT Scores

Taking the SAT or ACT can be a stressful experience. You study for several months, but you have little control over what will happen on test day. You may get sick, your car might break down or your mind could go blank. Moreover, once you finish the test and go home, the stress still might […]


SAT tutor spins $500-an-hour fees into film

An SAT tutor for the city’s most privileged kids has made a feature film based on some of his students — and financed the $150,000 flick almost entirely with the $500-an-hour fee he charges. Dan Poliner’s film, “Jack, Jules, Esther & Me,” follows two Park Avenue silver-spooners and two underprivileged high-school students on their last […]


This Chart Shows The Average SAT Scores In Every State

Here’s a fun chart from Seth Kadish at Vizual Statistix. It shows average SAT scores by state. It also shows which subject the state did best in. An interesting thing that stands out is that the higher a state’s SAT participation rate – that is the percentage of students who took the test with the […]